Emroware is a family run company with over 55 years experience manufacturing high quality zinc, plastic and stainless steel components for the Australian and World market.

With the help of highly skilled and motivated staff and family, we are able to take a product from the design stage right through to the finished product ready for distribution.

To achieve this we are using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities which include the process below.





Die-casting is a process of forcing molten metal under high pressure into mould cavities. The die casting method is especially suited for mass production of small to medium sized parts. This ensures precise surface quality and dimensional consistency.




Most castings require trimming, resulting in the removal of excess material. This means we can recycle any unwanted material.



This process is used to deburr and polish surfaces. Zinc die castings are vibrated in a mix of a liquid compound and a medium of ceramic or plastic chips. The vibrating action causes the medium and the work pieces to rub each other resulting in the desired finish. After the vibrating process the castings gets placed into a dryer, which  prepares the casting for the finishing process. 



Electroplating and Powder coating processes are used to deposit a layer of material such as paint or chrome on a work piece. This protects them from corrosion and gives them an aesthetically pleasing finish. With our experiences in surface finishing, we are able to give our customers the finish required in a variety of colours and textures.

Electroplating process






With the help of fully automatic packing machine we are able to package our products in poly bags which is very cost efficient. We can also offer our products carded or blister packed which are two other processes we use to pack our products in "hang and sell" for the hardware, plumbing and marine markets.





With the help of modern warehouse facilities we are able to process standard orders within the same day and have them on their way to their final destination.